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The Master Case
Handmade Gold Plated BriefcaseEmbedded with rubies and diamondsHandmade in the UK according to required specificationInterior options include cigar humidors in high quality leatherDocument wallets in high quality leatherSupplied with a handmade wooden presentation caseHandmade Presentation Case Exterior

The Master


The Master Briefcase is for the man or woman who has business to attend to.

Made from two flat sheets of aluminium and formed by hand, this briefcase is created by Master Craftsmen with over 50 years of experience. Chemically etched and hand polished, this case is gold plated and is built with precious stone inlays.

Delivery time 4 months minimum.


Options include:

  • Energy booster to recharge iPads, phones etc while away for long periods.
  • iPad or Touchpad embedded area.
  • UE (Ultimate Ears) speakers to create outstanding sound from phones or iPads.
  • Satellite tracking systems can be built into framework for discreet security and detection.
  • The interior of the case can also be harmonised to the users wishes and even engraved with their own corporate logo.

The interior can include:

  • Cigar humidors to document wallets in high quality leather.
  • You need it to be waterproof? You have it.
  • Fireproof – Got it.
  • Bullet Proof – We’ll investigate that for you!

It’s either the ultimate gift or the ultimate prize possession….The case is designed to meet the requirements of the owner – perfectly.



Main case outer

Fabricated aluminium, formed, welded, dressed and finished. Chemical etch surface to create pattern, hand finished. Copper plate all external surfaces -detail polish to final finish. Gold plate using 9ct gold-triple plate.

Handle and frame - Handle to be machined titanium covered in tooled leather with solid gold end caps – machined and polished. Frames – solid 9ct gold (Hollow form to reduce weight) in filled with tooled leather and finished with solid  9ct gold, end finishers with baguette cut ruby’s and rose cut diamond infills. To be supplied in association with De Beers.

Case fittings  – machined titanium – gold plated with rose cut ruby finishers 1/8 – 1/4 carat

Locks hinges -all triple gold plated.

Internal surface to be finished in a quality leather with tooling to match external case. Case will come with bespoke hand stitched organiser bespoke for client.

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